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i'm a furniture restorer and polisher

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For antique or modern furniture I can repair, replace broken or missing parts.strip the furniture back to the bare wood. staining and apply any type of polishing.


Your furniture may not need a full restore.  I am able to carry out repairs to scratched, marked or dented sections within pieces of furniture.  If the colour of a piece of furniture has faded due to sunlight I am able to carry out a colour match repair.


If you have found woodworm on a piece of furniture it does not need to be disposed of.  I can treat the furniture to eliminate the woodworm and repolish the piece of furniture.

Veneer Work

I am able to do veneer matching, repair and replacement.


restoring furniture from the past to be enjoyed by people in the future

My name is Marco Zollino. I started working in furniture restoration as a child when I would help my father in his workshop in Italy. From then on my interest in furniture restoration grew. I have around twenty years of experience and can offer the following services -

Repairs, Stripping to bare wood, Staining
Polishing, including French Polishing, Colour match repairs, Marks removed, Scratch and dent repairs, Woodworm Treatment, Cleaning and revitalising old leather parts in furniture, Insurance quotes

The above list is not an exhaustive list of services so please feel free to call or email me with any query.


  • Scratch and Mark Repairs

  • Woodworms Treatment

  • Staining/Colour MatchingRepairs

  • Stripping to Bare Wood

  • French Polishing

  • waxing, laquer and other finishings


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